H/L is a new kind of venture firm.  Our active involvement is designed to help improve the chances of success for each portfolio company partner, accelerating each company through our unique approach to partnership.  H/L focuses on the launch/early stage, because we believe that we can help shape the future for a potential portfolio company by starting at the beginning and staying consistently involved throughout the growth trajectory.  As time goes on, H/L’s continued role – embedded as an early partner – is equally important.  

H/L has pioneered the Growth Catalyst Platform business model.  When choosing our partners, we look for more than a great founding team, product, and market, although these are important; we also apply filters for our relevance.  Only when H/L believes that we can add meaningful value to the candidate company – through our time, experience, network, access, strategic advice, team-building, and credibility – do we propose a formal portfolio partner company relationship.  We are sector-agnostic, focusing on constructing a diverse portfolio that utilizes as much of H/L’s resource and network base as possible.  Also, we work with companies that improve the world in some way, either through being a sustainable/responsible technology company and/or one with a diverse founding team.  

  • At the beginning…  We launch our partnership with each company functioning as an accelerator, investing our time, experience, network, access, strategic advice, team-building, and credibility. 

  • As the company grows...  We continue to work actively with the founding team over time, deploying our resources and networks actively to help the company scale faster than it might otherwise have done.    

At H/L, everything comes down to people – the founders and team, our network, and the people and communities improved by our efforts.  We provide an extraordinary business opportunity, but in the context of building exciting solutions to relevant problems in partnership with terrific teams.  Integrity, excellence, measurable performance, and hard work underlie everything we accomplish.