Justin Kamine has been at the forefront of sustainable and environmentally progressive technologies and food movements for the past six years. Through his angel investments and entrepreneurial work, he is deeply involved with growing technologies that are actively transforming the agriculture world, creating a more sustainable food supply chain, eliminating food and plastic waste, and building solar energy capacity.  Justin is a managing member of Kamine Development Corporation, the Kamine family’s development office, which has 11 operating companies.  He is also a Co-Founder and Partner at KDC Ag, a company deploying a fresh food waste conversion technology to eliminate food waste and increase sustainable farming across the United States.  Justin’s investments and operating companies are sustainably focused and have led him to partner with leaders including Mark Cuban, Howard W. Buffett, and Harry Edelson.  Justin serves on the board of California Safe Soil; is an investor in and advisor to LoliWare, the world’s first 100% biodegradable and edible material; and an investor in Aerofarms, a leader in LED indoor vertical farms to name a few.  Justin also serves as an advisor/mentor to startups and incubator programs like Food Future, as well as founding the CREO-Cleantech Under 40 group. A member of the Thankful Foundation Board and Founder of Students For Change, Justin was also recently named winner of the Clean Tech Equity Award presented by the Prince of Monaco for the most environmentally progressive technology.  His goal is to change the world by doing good with good people.